Pressure Washing Systems 
"DETRAILERS was NOT the first company to bring the Pressure Washing system to market, however we have refined and revolutionized them. Each system we build is custom built to the customers needs and wants and no 2 are the same. A wide range of configurations, options and customization will ensure that you have the perfect system to help you succeed in this business! 

Here is an overview of Pressure Washing Systems:

Pressure Washing systems differ from auto detail systems because pressure washing typically needs more pressure and often times hot water. Our PW systems run at about a 3600-4000 psi max but is adjustable down to 1000 psi. Pressure washing also tends to use more water so most systems are 200-400 gallons but we do build 600-1000 gallon specialty systems. You will see many systems advertising 500- 575 gallons but that is too much water for the average rig. The reason those carry so much water is because they are running pressure washers that put out too much GPM (gallons per minute) usually up to 8gpm. This is too much output for the average pressure washing rig. To offset this, they need to carry more water. Water is heavy – that extra 100 gallons is an extra 825 lbs. to carry around. Worse yet they are using a single tank which creates tremendous slosh when the rig is stopping or taking off from a stop. Any of our systems over 200 gallons are dual tank – this eliminates slosh and better disperses the weight of the tanks. Plus, it gives you options if you need to carry different types of liquid, i.e. spot free or treated water. The big difference with a pressure washing rig is the addition of a hot water burner system. Hot water for pressure washing is almost a necessity, however, we do build cold water pressure wash systems that are upgradable to hot later. We do this so that if you are on a tight budget, you can get started with our cold water system and add the heat later after you have recouped some money. We are the only company that does this. These systems are almost always trailer mount and can build them in van mount too, however, because of the space requirements, we advise against pickup truck mount because you will have very little, if any room left over in the cargo area. The nice thing about our pressure washing systems is they can be adjusted to handle mobile vehicle wash, yet still have the power to handle light, medium and heavy duty pressure washing. 

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