"2015 was one of the worst years for me financially. I was getting hammered by bills and my 9-5 J.O.B. just wasn’t cutting it. I thought the company I worked for cared about me, I was wrong. I knew that I didn’t just want to jump to another boring, dead end job, so I started looking at start up businesses that I could maybe set up and run. What I found were a lot of ‘pie in the sky’ business opportunities that didn’t really offer a tangible product, but more a get rich quick scheme or some kind of internet training course or something that required I huge up front financial commitment AND monthly on going expense. I stumbled onto the DETRAILERS website which spoke of how to start a mobile wash business and it made a lot of sense to me. I learned that the mobile wash industry is HUGE and very much in demand. When I first called them they took a minute to listen to my situation and needs (a couple other companies I called immediately went into sales mode and tried to pitch me on every one of their products) and I got the feeling that not only do these people sell a good product but really enjoy helping people. Over the next couple of weeks they helped my formulate a plan and designed the proper system to help me achieve my goals. They even talked me out of several things I was told by other companies that I needed but did not. They will not try to sell you something you don’t need, just to make a buck. The one real hurdle with this business is just the purchase of the equipment, they do offer financing but I actually had some savings and my bank helped me with the rest. Fast Forward,  it is April 2016 and I am doing great – there were a few minor bumps but I was always able to get with DETRAILERS to help me out. These people do not VANISH after the sale – they are committed to your success. I was able to pay off my system in FOUR MONTHS! and now the money I make is almost all profit, that is what is really great about a mobile business like this, very little on going month overhead”  -  Tony C. Denver CO. 

      "We are happy to be your first customer in Canada. The business is very new here and I think you just might have the distinction of putting the first system of this type in this country. Thanks for helping us and doing so much more than you needed to do, especially when dealing with customs to get the unit into this country" - Aaron M. Ontario, Canada

      "What really struck me about Detrailers is how you stand out from the competition. We did not want a bland, boring business so we didn't buy our equipment and receive training from one. Your company stands out for a reason; you are the best at what you do. From day 1 I felt that you were committed to our success and if it is any reward to you, we are doing fantastic, and it is still only our first year!   Guy R. Prescott AZ. 

      ”Good to meet with you.. Thanks for the information and time. I have been considering this business for several months now. Any smart person would check out your competitors before spending the kind of money we are planning on spending. I was really shocked at what a great reputation your company has with your competitors! However, there was one company that said some things that I now know are not true. R****look really tried to sway me into buying their product, but when I mentioned I was considering your product the mudslinging began. The salesman I spoke to told me that your company is a 2 man operation. I know this to be false because when I was at your facility, I counted at least 10 of your employees. After seeing both products up close, I can tell you that your product is superior in fit, finish, and design. Plus seeing some of the things that you fabricate in house was amazing. I remember you telling me that years back that they asked you to build their systems and you declined. What really upset me about their company is how their salesman continued to hound me even after I told them I am purchasing your product; in fact they called me at home at 8am! on a Saturday! I was a little upset to say the least. I also respected how you didn’t try to sell me a bunch of things I don’t need. It is refreshing to actually deal with a company that is trying to save, not take my money! I really like the unit you have designed for us. We are a go and I will be in touch.Trey S. Dana Point, CA. 

      Dear Sirs, "I wanted to take the time to let you know how much we appreciate your time and efforts in helping us get our business started. I appreciate your honesty in not being able to accurately gauge our potential market, which was understandable since we are on the other side of the world from you, but seeing your efforts in research and help with determining how we should price our services has won you a customer for life. This past year we bought another system from you, and we plan on several more systems by the end of 2007. I am sure it will come as a shock to your customers how big the industry has become here. I hope you are proud to know that the Detrailers name is rolling around the streets of Kuwait City, on the beautiful trailer you built for us Faisal A. Kuwait City, Kuwait

      "One of the hidden benefits of your company is that we were dealing with someone who has been credited with designing and building some of the first mobile detailing/pressure washing systems. Your company founder has a wealth of real world information from his extensive experience in the industry. We were talking with an expert, not a salesman posing to be an expert. I was also very impressed by your fabrication capabilities and the machinery at your shop. It is clear why your trailers are well known. Our first unit that we bought in 1998 is still going strong, and has only needed minor maintenanceBill S. Hasbrouck, NJ. 

      'What a great experience it is working with your company. You seem to be constantly thinking outside the box, and your products show it. The Detail-gator fits our needs perfectly, and you are the only company that has it. I love it. Our business is doing so well in such a short amount of time and we are booked solid everyday and actually have to turn people down because we don't have time. Please let me know anymore tips that you can think of for working with the Detail-Gator. Have a good weekend!  - Jimmy S. Boise Idaho

      "I cannot thank Detrailers enough for the great experience we had with your company. It is quite scary starting your first business. When we first came to you, we were considering trying to build our own equipment and starting the business on our own. You convinced us to put our faith in you, and it is clear that we made the right choice. Detrailers' has saved us thousands of dollars in mistakes, but what really struck me is the time you saved us. We started making a return on our investment almost immediately. You truly are at the top of your game. I hope to be purchasing our second system before the end of the year… p.s. this trailer you built for us is incredible! - Ben P./Trent J. Clearwater, Florida 

     Jeff, "Great speaking with you today, hope to hear from you soon. Looks like we'll be doing business together. Sounds like you have great customer skills and you were very informative, not like the other guys over at --------- who just blabbed there mouth off without asking me what I wanted to know. Thanks and aloha from Hawaii" Beau C. Oahu, Hawaii 

     Greetings, "I started reading your book yesterday, and found myself still up reading at 1:30 in the morning. I really like the fact that the manual is right to the point. Other detailing business articles that I have read have been so vague or cryptic that I found them to be useless. I've only gotten through 38 pages of your manual so far and have already found some changes I need to make. It's kinda funny that I got it by accident, but I like what I've read so far, and I'd be happy to pay for it"  - Corey T.  Mechanicsville, VA. 

      To Jeff and the gang at Detrailers, "I could go into a long drawn out piece about my experience about you guys, but hey, just put my number on this testimonial because I would be more than happy to personally tell your potential customers why you are the best at what you do! I figured it is the least I can do in appreciation of how you treated me" Sheila L. Houston TX. (DETRAILERS felt that the amount of calls she could potentially receive might be a real nuisance for her, especially because we do business worldwide, so we opted to not leave her number posted)

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